C4ST - Carbon & Energy (ESOS)

Decarbonising Transport - Cutting Energy Use

Carbon, energy and cost are all closely linked - 380 litres of diesel will produce a tonne of carbon dioxide, cost 380 and be equivalent to about 4,000kWh of energy. Use less diesel and you will cut your carbon emissions, reduce your energy use and save money.

We have considerable experience over 15 years of working with fleets to help them reduce their carbon emissions whether it is company car fleet, a grey fleet, a van van or even bus and HGV fleets.

Savings of over 10% are achievable and now we have more electric vehicles available reduction in carbon emissions and energy use can be significant without the need to incur higher costs

But cutting carbon cannot be seen in isolation. For several years we have been advising our urban customers to consider the alternatives to diesel because of the fuels poor air quality emissions. With the advent of the Clean Air Zone those that chose the petrol hybrid rather then the diesel will not be impacted by the changes.