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Air Quality - Clean Air for All

The 2015 Supreme Court ruling and the 2016 High Court ruling have forced the UK Government to take air quality in our towns and cities much more seriously and to come up with a plan to deliver real reductions quickly.

There are already proposals for Clean Air Zones (CAZ)in five UK cities (Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham and Leeds) and London is working towards an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) by 2020 if not before (the new mayor has started a consultation on bringing this forward to 2019 or even earlier). At least one UK city (Oxford) is investigating the possibility of introducing a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ).

It now seems highly likely that many more UK towns and cities will be required to introduced some form of access control before 2020. It is also the case that the scope of these zones will not be restricted to buses and lorries but will also include cars and vans.

This will have a profound impact on fleets servicing our towns and cities as well as occasional visitors. Even the cars owned by your employees could be affected and these zones may restrict them from driving to work or using their car for work.

We can help you unravel the impact of a CAZ or the London ULEZ on your travel and transport and advise you of the best way forward for you business.